MBA Internship Series: LinkedIn (Marketing)

Hear how Derek Pando, MBA Class of 2014, landed his marketing internship at LinkedIn even though the company never came on campus to recruit marketing interns. You’ll also get an insider’s take on what makes the culture at LinkedIn so unique and exciting.

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3 Responses to MBA Internship Series: LinkedIn (Marketing)

  1. Grant says:

    Derek, Nice job landing a marketing internship at a company that doesn’t recruit marketers from BYU. Good lesson for all—be assertive; go out at create your own internship.

  2. Clark says:

    Great reminder to be creative and think outside the box when pursuing your career goals and ambitions. Derek’s ability to leverage the BYU network and his relationship skills to land his dream job is admirable.

  3. Todd Valentine says:

    I have heard Derek tell this story a few times and every time am amazed how his hard work paid off in landing him his internship. Great work Derek!

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