MBA Internship Series: Amazon (Marketing)

Have you ever been curious about what opportunities are available to MBA interns at Amazon? Listen to Reid Clark share insights from his summer in Seattle launching a new product in the consumer electronics division at Amazon in our latest installment of the MBA Internship Series.

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7 Responses to MBA Internship Series: Amazon (Marketing)

  1. Grant says:

    Thanks for the shout out. Nice to have a “testimonial” about the importance of finance from a non-finance major. And yes, Seattle in the greatest plan on the earth in the summer months.

  2. Travis Sabin says:

    Sounds like Reid had a great experience at Amazon! And it sounds like the Core did a good job of helping him prepare for his daily responsibilities!

  3. Mike Weber says:

    Great insights, thanks for doing this.

  4. Todd Valentine says:

    Nothing beats Seattle summers. It’s November to May that can be a little tough. I love the insight Reid gives about using skills he developed in his core classes during his internships. Great job!

  5. Jorge Ramirez says:

    I agree in the fact that core classes are doing a great job in preparing ourselves for our future career, especially for those of us who don’t previous exposure to finance or accounting.

  6. Michael Jones says:

    How interesting would it be to deal with some ambiguity while being the only person on you team during an internship? Well done.

  7. Charly says:

    This sounds like the ideal internship to me!

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