MBA Internship Series: GE (OB/HR)

Shawn Hallam shares insights into the GE internship selection process, his work on talent development at GE Healthcare, and his experience living in Milwaukee this summer. If you have interest in one of the world’s largest companies, or in GE’s prestigious HR leadership development program, this is a “must see”!

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6 Responses to MBA Internship Series: GE (OB/HR)

  1. Eric Hardester says:

    very insightful!

  2. Jenny Willis says:

    Great to learn more about GE!

  3. Richard Weed says:

    Love the intrinsic value of working at a company with purpose and the scale to accomplish BIG things. Thanks for sharing Shawn and Jacob!

  4. Katherine Murphy says:

    Thank you Shawn!

  5. Christine Chen says:

    Glad to know GE has such wonderful HR leadership program! It helped me a bit of how GE values the talent in the company!

  6. Jorge Ramirez says:

    I liked a lot the advice about showing a passion for the organization you want to work for.

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