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Creating a Pipeline of Diverse Candidates: MBA Academy

Melanie Goulding sheds light on an amazing and yet not well known program to encourage diversity in BYU’s MBA program. ┬áThe MBA Academy creates a pipeline for diverse candidates and helps participants prepare for admission into the MBA program.

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Lindsey Pollak – Millenial Workplace Expert

Lindsey Pollak is the leading expert on training, managing and marketing to Millennials. She joins Marriott MBA Today to discuss misconceptions employers have about millenials, as well as her experience interacting with BYU students.

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Three Keys to Getting an Offer from your Internship

Brad Peterson joins Marriott MBA Today, discussing three keys to having a successful internship and getting an offer.

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Get to know your Head Sherpa: Drew Ableman

Drew Ableman, the new Head Sherpa, talks about his experience in the MBA, his recruiting process and the path that led him to be selected as the Head Sherpa. Drew also shares essential tips for those planning to apply for … Continue reading

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Career Services Student Spotlight: Daniel Jimenez

Career Services selected Daniel Jimenez for its November Student Spotlight. Daniel has had a ton of success in the internship search and is here to share some of the steps he took.

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BYU MBA Sherpa Program – Preston Peterson

One of the unique aspects of the BYU MBA program is the Sherpa program. The Sherpa program is a student run initiative that has 2nd years students mentor 1st year students in their job hunt. Students help fellow students with … Continue reading

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Marriott MBA Onboarding Program

Janessa Cloward and Mike Beheshti discuss the Marriott Onboard Program… Stay tuned to find out what it is.

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